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Business Simulations
Capsim is a global leader in business simulation technology and services designed to teach business acumen in any learning environment.

In Malaysia, LegionRFBE is the service provider for Capsim simulations and other assessment products.

Placing individuals and teams in real life competitive business environments creates a more powerful, engaging and realistic learning experience than can be taught through case studies or textbooks.
Research has shown that people learn best by doing. That's why over 1,000,000 participants have been impacted by Capsim’s products.

Since 1985, Capsim has created multiple simulations that build business acumen, team building and critical thinking skills in business executives or students – and the services and support to back them up.

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Many companies today hire people for their technical expertise. But those individuals also need to think like business people and make decisions on commercial and strategic issues in a team environment and in an efficient manner.

All too often, those companies find their employees lack the competencies to make efficient decisions that have positive business outcomes. We know that business acumen means something different to every organization, which is why we develop a personalized training solution.

Designed as a complete immersion experience in management from all angles, participants run their own business as part of a management team. Strategic planning, competitor analysis, internal functional alignment, market segmentation, product positioning, and finance are topics commonly addressed.
▪ Understand the contributions of each business function in achieving an overall strategic objective.
▪ Understand how each decision affects an individual department.
▪ Understand how each decision affects other departments.
▪ Understand how each decision affects the company's KPIs.
▪ Use financial information to make tactical decisions and analyze the competition.
Understanding how all aspects of a business are affected by individual decisions leads to more efficient, smarter and more profitable choices.