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Legion Business Challenge 2018

Strategic Leadership Skills

  • Understand the importance of focus in strategic implementation.
  • Plan strategically to maximise available resources. available to them and to be able to forecast the consequences of the decisions they make.
  • Choose the right tactics to support strategy.
  • Stay on strategy under pressure in a fast-paced, competitive environment.
  • Evaluate competitors’ strategies and their implementation.

Overall Business Acumen

  • Experience the impact each part of the business has on every other.
  • Analyse and react to external market demands.
  • Interpret business results and market data, draw intelligence from raw numbers .
  • Practice at operating outside a “silo” mind set.
The Enhanced Strategic Business Management by Simulation - Extended Course (Legion Business Challenge) is a computer-based business simulation training exercise, using the world leading Capsim 'Foundation' module which is used for teaching by leading American Universities.

The Course allows participants to experience making management decisions and learn from results in a competitive team-based environment.

Each team of one to four members organises itself to carry out the management responsibilities of the company under its control and competes against five other companies in manufacturing and marketing a common product, over 8 periods or years.

Each simulated year decisions are required in R&D, Pricing and Margins, Marketing, Finance-Funding through Equity and Debt, Production, and Processes involving TQM to gain competitive advantage.